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Ben Marriott

E-mail Ben:

Hi I’m Ben.

I've been working with Pacific Partners since July 2008. I started as an Intern at Life Fm Radio station then started getting involved with Pacific Partners in July. I was an intern because in November I was going to the Marshall Islands to help train a few people from one of the churches in radio.  I was training them in how to put shows and playlists together and various other operations. When i got back in February 2009,Graham offered me a Job working for the Pacific Partners ministry.  

I'm now the Studio Operator for Pacific Partners here in New Zealand.  My job includes:

I’ve been to Tonga several times now for Pacific Partners. I love working with the local people and helping them improve their skills in the studio. They are so friendly and enthusiastic for the Gospel.

I  can’t wait to get back to the Islands again!

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