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Charles Ratu - Solomons

Charles Barkley Ratu is one of the leaders of Pacific Partners and Gud Nius Redio in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Charlie also traveled with one of the visiting medical teams to remote villages to assist their relief efforts following the earthquake and tsunami of 2007.

Charles Barkley Ratu's story

How he met Jesus Christ and began working with Pacific Partners in the Solomon Islands

No one could believe the convenient lifestyle and false hope of security I had as a little boy who would love to go to Sunday school classes and listening to bible stories. I was brought up into an Anglican family where I thought going to church every Sunday is all I need to go to Heaven. Even when I went to boarding school, I did not have any single idea of what it meant to be born again so I just followed the school rule but I did not realized that I was blind to the truth.

Then, during the height of the ethnic unrest in 1999 my sister introduced me to Pastor Geoffrey Alacky who led me to Christ after some times of bible study. It was a joy to realize that truth that cannot be earned by living a convenient lifestyle, instead through His son Jesus Christ.

After sometimes, I went back to School and the seed he planted withered, since I was following my old dance crewz. We called ourselves ‘Da Bad Boyz’. I even had my nick name written on the walls that read ‘Barx-men - Bad boy 4 life’ since I was heavily influenced by 2-Pac and the thug life mentality. This had led me into a downward slope of life from bad to worst. I ended up into a world of dope - seeking relief but still there was frustration and emptiness. My school grades suffered to the extent that I tried to withdraw but thank God the Principle would not allow me to take such a childish decision.

Not until, one day I read my friend’s bible and came across the passage in Proverbs 18:21 that highlights the importance of death and life through the power of words. Something strikes me to realize that all along I was cursing my self into the pit of hell. So I erased all the graffiti writings on the wall and began to think seriously about life.

Then after finishing high school, I re-committed my life to the Lord and began to feel a new fresh start in my Christian faith.

In 2004, few weeks after our Christian radio station opened, I joined the ministry which has changed a whole lot of my perspective and approach towards life. Following Jesus gives me so much hope and confidence in what life has to offer. Serving the Lord in a radio ministry is such a wonderful opportunity to minister the word of God and hearing people calling in and share how much they have been so blessed and touched by the music and testimonies.

It brings so much joy because this medium of broadcasting penetrates deep into the lives of the people who have never been into churches before or people who are going through problems and anxiety in their lives. If the good Lord can turn a gangster into a radio host and a friendly helper to other people in need, he can do the same for you, so don’t hesitate to follow Jesus today.

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