Christian radio in the Solomon Islands

500,000 people on 990 Islands speaking 70 languages

The Scene of major fighting at Guadalcanal during World War Two, and 4 years of civil war in the late 1990's

Pacific Partners station, Gud Nius Redio is the only Christian radio station in the nation and has been broadcasting since May 2004.

    Pacific Partners is presently planting two new relay stations in Malaita and Gizo

    Tina Lemazi is Station Manager of Gud Nius Redio

She writes -

''To get to our 990 Islands you either take a plane or boat and when you reach the main provincial centers you go on by canoe with an outboard motor.  It takes a lot of time and money to visit our people. In fact radio is the only way to reach some people in our remotest islands and villages that are into the mountains. So Radio plays a very important role in the lives of the people so Solomon Islands. In every village there will be at least one radio where people would gather to listen.

Gud Nius radio (Good News Radio in Pidgin English) plays a very important part in sharing the Word of God to our people. Through this radio we are able to keep out listeners hearing and hearing the Word of God, where the Gospel will soften and eventually break through harden hearts''

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