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Island Leaders and Missionaries

Our Christian radio and discipleship ministries rely on trained, local volunteers.

Many of our workers and leaders have themselves matured as followers of Jesus Christ though their local Pacific Partners ministry. Meet our senior leaders in the Islands (and at Head Office, New Zealand at bottom of the page). They are all full-time workers. Please remember to pray for them.

Loni 'Akolo -Tonga

"I fell off a coconut tree and hosipitalize for 1 year I found out that I can't be walk

anymore. . .  I really don't know what is ahead of me. I think to myself that's the end of the road. . ."  

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"I was taught that to gain my salvation is by obeying ten commandment. I tried my best to obey it but I can't, for the more I try, the more I sin, so I thought that i'm not good enough for Heaven . . ."

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Willy Florian - Tonga

Tina Lemazi - Solomon Islands

"I suddenly realized that God had been preparing me for this job all those year. This radio station has changed my life completely . . . each day God has something new for me to share with the listeners. . ."  

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Charles Ratu - Solomon Islands

". . . since I was heavily influenced by 2-Pac and the thug life mentality. This had led me into a downward slope of life from bad to worst.  I ended up into a world of dope -  seeking relief but still there was frustration and emptiness. . ."

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Graham Carter (President of Pacific Partners)

                     New Zealand

Graham is a New Zealander who has been working in the South Pacific islands since 1986 ...


"...Hi I'm Ben,  I've been working with Pacific Partners since July 2008..."  

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Ben Marriott (Content and Production)

                    New Zealand

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