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Aunty Tina Lemazi - Solomons

A Challenge for a Local Leader

The huge cost of rent in Honiara (plus issues with our neighbours who stole our electricity) has encouraged Tina to look for less expensive premises.

Now, we have been offered some land on the hill behind Honiara and construction is starting on a new studio.

This new studio site will give better signal coverage for our transmitter and is rent free.

Tina and our local board members decided to vacate our old studio right away and use the rental money saved for materials to build the new studio. So our staff have become 'hammer-hands' to get the job done as quickly as possible so we can be back on the air as quickly as possible with the 'Gud Nius' about Jesus Christ.  


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Tina Lemazi (affectionately known as Aunty Tina) is a grandmother and one of the Solomon Islands' most experienced broadcasters. Tina is Station Manager of Gud Nius Redio (Good News Radio) in Honiara on Guadalcanal.

Aunty Tina's story

How she became a follower of Jesus Christ and got involved with Pacific Partners in the Solomon Islands

She writes -

“I heard so much about what it is like to be a Christian. Testimonies I heard went like these - “when I gave my life to Jesus life was so good, whenever I am in need God heard me, I gave my life to Jesus if I die today I will go to heaven” and I said this person is so sure of himself who does he think he is. Some [of my husband’s family] were talking about how it was when they gave their life to Jesus and under my breath I would say, “For how long?”

In 1989 I gave my life to Jesus I was expecting thunder bolts and lightening flashes going through me but it was not to be.

All this time I was working for our national broadcasting station glowing in my achievements as the first Solomon Islands female broadcaster wallowing all the praises I received as the best announcer, not for once did I ever thought about my being there for 25 years. In 1999 it was the beginning of the ethnic tension and I resigned.

First of May 2004 Christian Radio was launched [in Honiara] and everyone was excited except me! It was the life that I had given up. Even when I was asked to help I simply said no not realizing that God had not even started working on me. It was until I was summoned by my pastor that I had no choice but to obey and from that day on wards there was no turning back I found myself enjoying the work and had real satisfaction for the first in my life even when we were not even being paid.

I suddenly realized that God had been preparing me for this job all those year. This radio station has changed my life completely. Sharing God’s word on the radio made me to understand God better. It also helped me in my times of hardship, helped me to know where I could go to the Bible to find the answers. The radio gave me a new insight to God’s word I began to understand the bible. Every day is a new day to me each day God has something new for me to share with the listeners.

Radio is a very powerful tool especially for us here in the Solomon Islands. Majority of our people do not read or write, our islands are scattered and getting to them is very expensive but I praise God for the vision that He gave to Graham Carter to start Christian Radio in the Pacific and I am proud to be one part of it.

Jesus said faith comes by hearing and hearing the word and radio does just that. Everyday we share on the radio something that God has done in our lives and it lets my friend who is listening know that he or she is not alone. Radio reaches the people in places where you and I cannot go unless invited e.g. homes, hospitals and prisons.

The joy you have when a listener-friend calls and say thank you to you is just unspeakable. It is something I have never experienced before.

I praise God for radio in the islands!

I praise God for this ministry of Pacific Partners and to all of our partners who have helped to make it happen.”

Let’s help Tina and Gud Nius Redio

The station costs very little to operate. Basic operating costs are met by local listeners and most work is done by volunteers.

But the Solomon Islands is a very poor country and they need our help as well.

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Thank you very much for your partnership in the Gospel. May God bless you!

Please remember to pray
for Aunty Tina and the
Pacific Partners ministry
in the Solomon Islands

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