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Our Radio Stations

The vast South Pacific Ocean

11.5 million people live in the South Pacific Islands (including Papua New Guinea, but not including Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia). People speaking approximately 1300 different languages, and isolated by ocean and jungle, by superstition and religious tradition. What better way to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ than by radio?

Local Christian radio

Pacific Partners helps to plant; manage; and fund local Christian radio stations in individual countries. It's important that these stations are established as a local ministry, rather than an imported copy of a western radio station. This is essential in a region where there are so many often unrelated languages, and where a simple form of English (orFrench, or Pidgin) is spoken as a second (or even third) language.

How else will local people fully understand Christ's teachings. And how to live by them for an effective and fruitful Christian life in their own cultural surroundings?

So Pacific Partners trains and assists local Christian believers

to make biblical ministry programs in their own, most appropriate, languages. We place a a special emphasis on helping local people develop interactive Christian programming for children and young people

Read how radio can disciple a nation

Read about Letio Faka-Kalisiatiane - local Christian radio in Tonga

Read about Gud Nius Redio - local Christian radio in the Solomon Islands

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